Sandip top picks for ADE 2017

The yearly event for every electronic music head is pretty much upon us, The Amsterdam Dance Event 2017!

I would recommend you to read Gert Johnsen top picks for ADE 2017 which sums up ADE very good!

Both me and Gert will be at ADE visiting live concerts and seminars related to the music industry.

When it comes to live concerts and DJ shows and as of today the lineup is only 50% completed but time goes quick so the lineup will be done sometime in the end of September.

Going to music festivals can be complicated and if you have no clue who the artists are and what type of music they will play it can be a tricky task to pick out your favorite artist.

But on the other hand why not take a chance and pick out some events where you have no idea what kind of music the DJs will play?

Both me and Gert have found new interesting artists by just going to events where we have no clue about the DJs and i must say those nights have always been a success.

So what about my favorite events for ADE 2017?

Problem with Amsterdam Dance Event is you want to be everywhere if you listen to everything from Nu-disco/house to italodisco/synthwave.


But this is my pick so far:


1. Hercules & Love Affair at Melkweg on 19/10 2017 . If you love Nu-Disco then Hercules & Love Affair is a must. Last time i saw Hercules & Love Affair was in Gratz,Austria in 2011 . At that time they had just released their much acclaimed Blue Songs album.

Now they are back with new fresh material and they have just released their new album ( on 1 Sept) called Omnion”


2. Gary Numan at Paradiso on 21/10 2017.  Gary Numan is considered as the pioneer of electronic music. He has been a huge influence for groups like Nine Inch Nails , Portishead etc.

A new album from Gary Numan will be released on September 15 titled Savage (Songs from a Broken World)


3. De Omroep at Claire Presents: We Play House Recordings 10 years 20/10 2017 

The artist that i am looking forward to see at this event is Antal from Rush Hour Records. I really love his mixset that are mixture of funk and disco!

This event is taking place at Claire which is located on the former site of Studio 80 at Rembrandt square.


4. 1984 Night at the Arcade: ADE 2017

80s nostalgia and arcade machines!

If you are synthwave / Italodisco lover then i really recommend this event. Robert Parker is one of the artist from Sweden who will play at this event and i wrote a post about Robert Parker and his music some time ago.

The event will take place at Winston Kingdom at Warmoesstraat 131.


5.  ZeeZout x Dimensions ADE 2017  19/10-2017

This day can be really stressfull because we will be at Melkweg this night but my plan is to take the ferry over to Undercurrent and to attend this event.

Someone i really like to see at this event is I-F . Mixset from I-F is really wicked stuff!

Usually when you hear DJs play they stick to one music style. But not I-F, A mixset from I-F can contain everything from disco,ebm,acid!

Don’t miss I-F, Don’t miss I-F!


6. Brighter Days & Claire: ADE Sunday 22/10 2017

The last day of ADE! Really looking forward to this event because Hunee from Rush Hour Records  will play at this event.

Mixsets from Hunee gets you in really good mood!

And they will be serving Japanese food from 18.00 just to get you energized!

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