Synthwave Sunday part 1!

Remember those summer nights when you drove around with your Ferrari 400 cab or maybe you where on a budget (like the rest of us) and was happy with a Alfa Romeo cab?

Or you just finished watching Back To The Future / Wargames on your fancy VHS and went out with your BMX?.

Synthwave takes your thoughts back to those days

Today i will launch my “Synthwave”-Sunday posts that i will present some tracks for you now and then from music style.


One of my favorite Synthwave projects is: Hyboid

The man behind Hyboid is Sebastian Hubert and together with his Roland SH-09 (and other gadgetry) he brings out the very best of syntwave and tracks.

Sebastian Hubert is also the man behind the label Astro Chicken where he releases the tracks since 2010.

Some of the releases are:

Hyboid ‎– Aliens Ate My Synthesizer! (LP ,2010)

Hyboid ‎– Where Androids Come To Die (2011)

Hyboid ‎– Terrör Of The Universe (2016)

Hyboid ‎– UFOs Over Berlin(2017)

Hyboid will release Wired At Heart-album later this year which will be a 2×12 vinyl and one track that will be on that album is “Bohemian Heartbreaker”.


Robert Parker

Robert Parker is based in Stockholm, Sweden where he creates music that ranges between everything from computer game music to disco.and they have just released the Awakening-album that is worth checking out as well the critically acclaimed release “Crystal City” from 2016.

Older releases from Robert Parker:

From The Depths (‎2014)

Cardinal ‎(2015)

Money Talks (‎2015)

Crystal City   (2016)

Robert Parker will perform at Amsterdam Dance Event on 21 Oct  


Robert Parker – DiscoDeath from Awakening album:



SelloRekT /LA Dreams

SelloRekT /LA Dreams is a Synthwave producer based in Los Angeles, US and he has a lot of awesome releases and most of his releases feels like genuine 80s movie soundtracks but this one pretty much opened up my ear.

Really love that funkish style of the track!

SelloRekT /LA Dreams – Complex Actions






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