Tune of the week #6

I would like to take this last opportunity, before we enter the month of september (and officially go into fall), to talk about his evident summer track. My thoughts immediately go to sun, beaches and bikini girls. Maybe a bar at the beach in tropics some place. Anything with a bunch of half naked, good looking, people, dancing with sand between their toes goes.

Now that I have set the mood, the title of the tune of this week is “Summer lights”, obviously. 🙂 It is an Arpegiator driven progressive house track (I’d say) that kicks off with the arp. Drums soon come in, so does the moody deep sine-wave base. It builds with atmospheric pads, hats, bongas and different synth sounds I am not able to describe in details. About 2 thirds into the tune, a wind instruments comes in as the tune builds down to go into the break where the arp literally  goes bananas before we soft of repeat the first part of the tune again, but sort of in reverse order. (you will understand).

That is it. This is the tune to get you laid a summer night on the beach with your favourite girl (or guy). I really love it.

… ohh yes, the track artist is D-Nox and Beckers, Santiago Franch, and you can listen to the track here.


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