Sandip Savasadia

Hello everyone!

Sandip speaking here,finally the Unmute blog is up thanks to hard work from Gert Johnsen.

Let me present myself to you.

My name is Sandip Savasadia and together with Gert Johnsen i am one of the editors here on Unmute.

Currently I live in Sweden and I am working as a freelance news and sports photographer for various news agncies.

I do also work as a engineer (… which is my day job ) but much of my time goes to DJ ,music production and video art.

Music has always been a part of me since the middle of 80s and onwards. I guess for me , things started with pop and rap during middle of 80s and during early 90s things started to shift to either industrial music or acid.

Nowadays ,things i will present for you trough Unmute blog will be new and old tracks of Nu-Disco,Italodisco,synthwave/Bodymusic ,french house,soul/funk and some other vinyl weirdness .









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