PioneerDJ – DJ Sounds Show @ ADE 2017

It is well known to people Pioneer DJ has, and have had for many years, a showroom at De Back Grond during the ADE week. Lately they have also invited famous DJs to showcase their equipment at the ADE, with audience. They are basically recording some of the DJ sounds episodes, which is great. New for this year though, was that you had to be in possession of an ADE-card or PASS to enter De Back Grond, which I think is strange since it is a good place for people to try out equipment and to get some information about new Gear and Software. Why should you have to pay extra for it….

Anyway, this year:

  • Gorgon city showcasing the all new DJS-1000. Great set, very cool.
  • Honey Dijon was next up and she presented her view of good  music from the area of Chicago that had to be heard. Very funny and talented woman that I strongly recommend checkin’ out.
  • I did not hear much of DJ Sneaks set, but what I did hear was great as always. This legend delivers more or less every time.
  • About Roger Sanchez, he must be schizophrenic. 🙂 For sure a man with many faces when it comes to his sets. I like him best in a wet and funky kind of environment when he is more old-school and funky, rather than big room and almost EDM-like. We really got to see the better of him this year at the DJ Sounds. I like his live remixing kind of mixing style using 4 decks. 1 deck for beats, the other for melody, the third for acapellas and the 4th to make it possible. 🙂

Some other artists I did not catch this year, but great shows in general I dare to say.

See a few photos from the shows.

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My best photos from the Amsterdam Dance Event will be posted shortly on my webpage.

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