MasterSounds Vinyl Weight

So I received my Mastersounds Limited Editions Red Vinyl Weights today, number 42 and 43 out of 50. They look great. The featured image shows you the look of it. Made from Aluminium.

Now there are a bunch of  different vinyl weights out there. I do not think all look very nice or feel very good in the hands. Ultimately though, they need to serve the purpose of minimising wobbles and weighting down the record during playback. Function-wise, I believe the screw on type is the better, but for DJ-purposes, I think this one from the Mastersounds is one of the better options.

Kompakt records have a similar one that I massaged in the pop-up store during ADE, that I believe would do a great job.

Anyway, head on over to Mastersounds for your own pair, or otherwise for some cool DJ and audio equipment. Or check out the Kompakts stabilizer as a great option.

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