Finally settled down in Amsterdam

So, spent yesterday evening cleaning my apartment and preparing things for my trip to Amsterdam for the yearly visit to the dance event. Yesterday was fine, except I was not able to print my different tickets onto paper copies; because Microsoft Windows does not support reading USB-sticks formatted in MS-DOS. How strange is that? My Mac reads more or less every file system I will ever need to be able to read, but Microsoft, now that is a different story. So, figuring I will pack the bags of ┬áthe morning today and head over to the library to print the papers. (I am old-fashioned in the sense I would like to have paper backups, just in case technology fails). However, I was not prosperous printing my papers today either. Meaning I don’t have any printed copies of the events I am visiting. I guess I will find a solution In Amsterdam. Up to this point I am completely digital.

Due to all of this with not being able to print my stuff, I got stressed, which ended up in me stepping on a banana that splattered onto the floor, me wasting all the toilet paper I had on other things than my ass, I was svetting myself for another shower and I had to be extra careful and se to that I have all the important documents with me. Not to bore you with all the incidents, I was in a bad mood. Hopefully my cellphone will not experience a quick and nasty death during this trip.

Anyway. We arrived in Amsterdam safe and sound, and by we I mean myself and Sandip (we live in different regions of Sweden). Sandips flight was a little bit delayed, mine was not :-). We have now found our Hotell and picked up our passes. Our stomacks have been eased with juicy ribs at a steak house called something and we are now planning our days to come in Amsterdam, apart from the Parties we will attend. Both myself (Gert Top Picks for ADE of 2017) and Sandip (Sandips Top Picks for ADE 2017) have posted our top picks for Amsterdam Dance Event, follow the links to read about them. For the conference however, we are now deciding on a day to day basis, exactly what to visit. Tomorrow we are leaning towards talks about New rulings about sampling, How safe our songs are, The truth about visas and work permits as well as where the blurred line between being a DJ and not goes.

You will hear back from either of us soon enough. Now Schlapp off!!!

/The Unmuted Team



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