Tune of the week #13

OK. We are currently in the week ADE and what better than an artist I found by visiting the city of enjoyment.  He, Steven Van Hulle, under his moniker Awanto 3, released Opel Mantra in 2014. A tuff act to follow indeed. It shall be interesting to see what his new album, Gargamel, has to offer. But having listened to his stuff since 2014, I only expect interesting stuff.

So, this weeks tune is one “Bubbles made me cry” by the man mentioned above. Not going to describe it in greater detail, but it is a slow building, fast ending kind of tune. It kicks off (if I can say so) with hats and percussions, which will be the red wire of the tune. A deep bass slowly comes in. Eventually some pads. Even further in a repeated vocal thing starts going. It builds and builds until it hits a peak. After which it builds down again. It is quite simply an interesting simply structured tune, what I would like to call a masterpiece.

Listen to and buy the origina at Beatport

Bubbles made me cry at Beatport

… and get the Mark Evemport Remix below.

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