Rekordbox vs Mac OSX High Sierra

Ok, This one deserves re-post.

Since upgrading my Mac OS X to 10.3.2 (and now also 10.3.3) I cannot recognise the DJM-2000 Nexus (affects also the DJM-2000) as an input device on my computer, which is irritating since I use that feature all the time for recording mixsets or ripping my vinyl into digital. PioneerDJ has recognised the problem, and I can only assume they are working on the issue.

So, if you are a DJM-2000 user, whichever version, and use this feature; and you are using a Mac system to record. Then DO NOT upgrade your Mac system.

My workaround is to use another audio device input until they fix this issue. Hope they will soon.


Make sure to follow the progress on PioneerDJs site.



PioneerDJ recently posted an update of the Rekordbox compatibility with Mac OS X high Sierra….



Pioneer DJ has announced they are investigating Rekordbox compatibility with Mac OSX High Sierra (Released on the 25 of September) and suggest not to update to High Sierra at the moment. Updated will be posted as they progress.

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    Hope you will enjoy the content. Both myself and my co-writer have our day jobs, but we are posting as often as we can, and as news and inspiration show up.

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  2. So far I am running 5.02 myself (5.03 has been released at this point in time) on a Mac High Sierra system.
    It works great. No problems at all.

  3. Good to know PioneerDJ are working on the updates. I am a bit conservative with all these updates. Hey i am still stuck with Rekordbox 4 and MacOS El Capitan! 🙂

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