Brazilian Sunday #4

The bad news first: tomorrow its Monday , The good news however is that northern hemisphere is getting more daylight as we are slowly moving towards spring and we have a new Brazilian Sunday post!

This time we will cover  Jake Holloway & Dave Jarvis – Morning Shunt that is released trough Moton Records Inc

Jake Holloway is a illustrator and a graphical artist but Morning Shunt seems to be his first release as far as i know but do update me if you readers out there know more releases from Jake Holloway.

Jake is also one of the co-founder of the Love Vinyl record store in London and you can take a look at Jake Holloways graphical work here

Dave Jarvis is a DJ,producer and promoter and is also the man (together with Darren House ) behind the re-edit label Moton Records Inc .

Dave Jarvis has been DJing since the mid 80s and his background is from the suburban soul-scene.

Jake Holloway & Dave Jarvis – Morning Shunt 12″ contains 3 tracks:

A:Morning Shunt

B1:Jacques Theme

B2 :The Bandit

“Jacques Theme” really makes my day! a fab latin disco banger!

You can pick up the the vinyl at Love Vinyl 


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