Tune of the week #27

This week I bring to you Theo Parrish, a Chicago born DJ and Producer. I have some really cool stuff from this guy, but lately I heard this track by him – “Footwork” – and it inspired me to start dancing 🙂 It is the first track on the “American Intelligence” album released in 2014.

Quite simple a track. In essence it is High hats together with some percussive elements as well as a deep funky bass line, they are the real drivers of this tune. Theo got away with doing the vocals himself. “Footwork” and “Let me see your footwork” is repeated over and over. Minimalistic strings and synths comes is to fill the audio spectrum and for a natural progress of the tune. Really cool track, and interesting in terms of the rhythm and the fact there really is not any kick. Well worth the listen, which you can do below.




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