Todays conference sum-up (18/10)

So it has been an interesting day with a few talks. Just preparing to go for bite to eat, after which it carries on to the club for an evening directed by Kenny Carpenter, more or less. Anyway…


Talk number 1 was about “New rulings on sampling and what they mean to your creativity”

Informative in terms of the practicalities when it comes to using samples and what needs clearing, what does not. The four panel members consisted of three Lawyers, a Producer/Remixer and a member from WhoSampled. A knowledgable bunch that is, and a good sitting for sure. A good general input for any artist new to the business that is using samples in their productions.


“How safe are your songs?”, was the question for Talk number 2

Slightly directed talk towards England/EU and USA, but a good talk about copyright all the same. Basically presented by three lawyers, and simply put, very informative. Something that might be good to know for us wannabes, is that there are music groups out there that might help hiring a lawyer, in case you cannot afford one like the bigger artists.


The third talk was on the question “When is a DJ not a DJ?”

Conducted in the presence of no less than 6 people, of whom two were KiNK and Richie Hawtin. The mentioned are obviously very unique DJs, but with very different styles. An interesting discussion for sure, where the members oftentimes would space out and not really answer the question asked by the moderator. Big room, many visitors and hot like everything in Amsterdam today. In the image you see Mr Hawtin on the left hand side in the sofa, and KiNK om the second from the right.


In all good talks… Now it is time for some clubbing!

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