Soulastic Sunday #21

Do you fancy ballroom disco? , Italy is really crazy about their groovy spaghetti disco and i do understand why!

Beppe Loda (real name: Giuseppe Loda) is a DJ and producer who is a central figure in the Italian club scene since the late 70s  with his magical obscure Italian disco.

He did his first DJ gig at Kinky club in his hometown Manerbio in Italy around 1973  but it was when he was a resident DJ at the mythical Typoon club during 1980-1987 where he set the pace for his vision of the Italian club scene .

Beppe Loda has now released a follow up EP called Italian Spaghetti Collection Vol 2  (..which means there is a Volume 1 of course…) and is released on New Boy Shit Trax .

The EP contains 4 crazy awesome tracks which for me is really wicked ballroom stuff.

I do imagine people dance naked to this!

You can order the EP from OYE Records (Note: We don’t know when this EP is going to be available at OYE Records)

Here are my favorites: