Tune of the Week #63

So, basically I am now back from a little vacation if you will. I have not posted a Tune of the Week in a while, and will pick it up again. However, I have been giving my posts some thought. I don’t mind posting different tunes, good new or old tunes, as a tune of the week each week. But I think I will make it more of a haphazard thing as it suits my daily life better and I don’t want to feel that I must post something as this site is only run because of interest of music in different way.

With that out of the way, let’s get to business…

Bartosz Kruczyński and Poly Chain recently (13th of February 2019) release the vinyl album Pulses, an interesting set of Ambient tunes and Berlin-School tunes. “Solacious” is killer of a tune, and although beatless, it is a tune that runs and runs in a repetitive manner. It starts slow, but before long the tunes main synth/melody comes in. It is an arpeggiator-like synth over what I believe is originally from “Halcyon on and on” by Orbital, sampled obviously with a heavy FX applied to it. Eventually a fat analogue bass comes in to make the tune complete. It could easily work as a tune over a beat too. It’s an awesome track that I will be using in my house sets!

Listen below, and enjoy!