New album Honey by Robyn

Most artists tend to need a couple of or a few years for new releases to appear, unless it is an exceptionally productive one. The Swedish artist Robyn is not an exception, and in October last year (2018) her latest album Honey was released.

Robyn is an artist who similar to Justin Timberlake started off in a rather juvenile way. But as she matured, musically, her music had developed into something interesting. I’d say this happened when she broke free from BMG in 2005 and started her own label Konichiwa Records. She’s played around with electronic sounds since, and it’s been a delight to listen to her music.

Honey is an album that feels very personal if you listen to the lyrics, but stylewise she has gone back in time. The album reeks of 90-style sounds. Opinions vary a little here. Some will say that her lyrics don’t play well with the style of music, but I quite like it!

I’m not going to describe the tunes, but will mention my two favourites. “Between the line” is a very simplistic house track with a minimalistic subby beat, an organ and Robyns voice supported by a few speaking vocals.

“Ever again” that is the last tune on the album is a warm and funky house track with a wide pad to support Robyns silky smooth voice. As the tune progresses it will be more energetic. Over all a great funky thing that you can listen to below…

This is a great album that I can highly recommend. However, the album is a little short, and as a DJ and Producer, I think the songs are a little to much done for radio, i.e. not very good from a mixing perspective. With so much room still to fill out a CD-release for instance, I just think it is a pity. Certainly storage space is not a problem on the internet.

The album is available as a digital release at for example HD-tracks and ProStudioMasters (High Resolution Audio), and as a hardcopy at for example Juno.