Firmware update – PioneerDJ DJM 2000 / 2000 NXS (3.21)

Finally, after a very very long wait, PioneerDJ stepped up to the plate and solved the issue they have had with the USB sound card function of the DJM 2000 / DJM 2000 NXS mixers. The problem emerged with the Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.2, and have remained irritating up til now (at the time of writing we are up to version 10.13.5). I had almost given up hope, but today, PioneerDJ announced a very welcome update. Finally!

I am very happy about this as I have used this function to record mixsets or vinyls onto my computer for years, using only a USB cable.

My original post on this is found here. Get the update on the PioneerDJ webpage.


I would not make this post justice if I did not complain a little bit on PioneerDJ too. They have gone against my believe and taken care of business, but it has taken over half a year. N’uff said!