Soulastic Sunday #12

Apparel Wax , never head of them before? Not me either, But i like their style although, not much is known about Apparel Wax other than it seems that Apparel Wax was initiated trough the label Apparel Music and the Italian producer Giuseppe D’Alessandro aka “Kisk” is the man behind that label.

Apparel Wax started releasing EPs in 2017 and they have a really cozy groovy sound on their Nu-disco stylish tracks.

They also how a package special trough their bandcamp site where you can buy the whole discography (3 EPs ) on digital format for 13 GBP and you get the upcoming EP (ALPWAX004)  that will be released on 20th of August 2018.

The upcoming EP contains 4 tracks and it will cover 4 different styles of house.


Here comes a snippet from the upcoming EP: