The new PioneerDJ DJM-REC – Recording app

So PioneerDJ has now also release a recording app for us all to be able to record our DJ-sets. To me it seems more useful in a live situation – at home I would run the sound into my computer for recording – and of course you need to run PioneerDJ equipment. Again, PioneerDJ is simplifying the world of the DJ by addressing all thing annoyingly time consuming like tracklists etc.

On the PioneerDJ webpage one can read the following:

All types of DJs like to record their mixes in order to review performances and raise their profile via online sharing. However, it can be a stressful process. Connecting a recording device to the back of the mixer can be complicated work in a dark DJ booth, and adjusting the recording level to avoid clipping is also a troublesome task. Once the set is over, making a track list and uploading it to different online platforms along with the audio is a time-consuming chore.

DJM-REC solves all these problems, taking advantage of our experience in designing DJ mixers* including the club-standard DJM-900NXS2. The app offers simple connection, high-quality audio recording plus easy online sharing and streaming.

This neat little app goes for just about 10$ and is available in App Store. Head over to PioneerDJs webpage for mor details.

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