Welcome to Unmute!

A glorious day indeed. Unmute is now up and running, and even though there might be some cosmetic updates in the future, the base of the site is what you can now see. It’s still up to Sandip and I to come to a mutual agreement exactly where we are taking the content of the site. But, I don’t think we will disagree on too many things during that discussion.

What you can expect is content that we think deserves attention, whether that is a tune that triggers goose bumps, a wet and funky gig or a peace of gear at a ridiculous price, expect it all. This will NOT be a blog aimed at the mainstream. However, this is a blog that we are running at our spare time (with both of us having full time jobs on the side), so the initial aim is a couple of posts a week. Just bare with us and  check in every now and then.

That said, please enjoy the blog.


/The Unmute team


Ps. Read about the team, Gert Johnsen and Sandip Savasadia. Ds.

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