Tune of the week #1

Finally got to sit down and write this post after a weekends work on another webpage. Unmute is is one of a couple that I am currently working on.

But on to the important stuff…

The tune of the week this week comes from a Banoffee pie release, The Limited Series BPLS004. The EP is dope with killer tracks like “K Dance” by NY*AK and Ian Blevins, but the tune that really stands out is by Watson, named “Safari”. The tune is a re-edit of a Russian electric funk/disco tune from 1984, Ансамбль пу В. Осинского – “Сафари (Safari)“.

This Nu disco edit kicks off with a typical electric funk kind of drum, a kick and a heavily reverbed snare. A pad and cool electric sounding kind of monophonic synth builds up to about 2 minutes where the absolute gorgeous base line drops. Hadn’t it been for the vocal is Russian, I would have assumed this is Frensh for some reason. And the vocal that now comes in more and more over the superb chord progression is allegedly a work out routine, much lite the classic “Gym Tonic” by Bob Sinclar (or rather Thomas Bangalter). I am however not able to verify. The “solo” part in the middle of the original is missing completely in the re-edit which has been completely made for mixing purposes as it also ends in the same way it starts, with the drum, snare and the pad. This is a true gem by Watson that has opened my mind to old Russian disco, and it should not be over looked.

Find it at Juno or at Banoffee Pie Records


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