Tune of the week #18

“Line 1202” is a frensh style house track released on Moonrise hill. I have come to love this label. It has been around since 2015, and boy have they delivered som quality records. This excellent track is found on the Love me some friends #2 EP, MHM006.

As you can hear below it is a percussion/hats and kick driven track that in the spirit of Frensh house music is very soulful in the foundation, but has that typical heavy filtered frensh sound as heard in the likes of Buffalo bunch, We in music and Thomas Bangalter. No kick for starters as the soulful blow instruments slowly come in. At about 2:20 it is so full of energy the kick and baseline has to come in or people would question why not. And when it finally hits climax, all you can do it dance! It runs at full pace until about a minute remains, at which point it will build down. Super track, great energy and great for mixing. …Oh yes, needs to be enjoyed at volumes that blow women’s clothes off. Did I mention the artists name? It is Marc Bianco.

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