Which event was the best at ADE of 2017

So, we (the Unmute Editors) have learned a valuable lesson this time around at ADE. It was our first time with press accreditation in Amsterdam, but I cannot recall reading in the information that we also have to apply for accreditation at the separate venues. Finding this out only when arriving in Amsterdam and we were already late applying at the different events we was going to visit (namely those events listed below) 🙂 Too bad because it would have been cool to capture the events in images too, not only memories.

So… moving on to what this post is about. what have I been up to (yes Sandip and myself sometimes went separate venues/events), and which one was the best event of ADE 2017? So, day by day I enjoyed the following events…


My first event this year was The House of Frankie & Soulstice Records at The Tara, and with artists like Kenny Carpenter, Richard Earnshaw, Maurizio Macri, Peppe Citarella, Paolo Male, Allesandro Mele, etc. I arrived in The Tara in the middle of Randy Petersons set, which was really good, but I guess it was Hector Romero that Killed it. He is, now, probably my favourite DJ. Not because of his creativity at the decks, but because of the energy he conveys. Exceptional! The DJ following Hector were all good, but they were unlucky as people considered this event more of a free-party and so they disappeared at 12 p.m. Maurizios set that followed was good, but not too expressive, but I must say the playful ness and music selection of Thomas Brenner and Deezy was unexpected. Very nice, but I did not stay long enough for them to close the night.

At this point, instead of going back to the hotel, decided to stop by Sugarfactory. It was the Groove factory event, which featured Kenny Dope, Terry Hunter, Bobby & Steve as well as Mike Risk. I wanted to hear Terry Hunter since before, and I was lucky enough to catch an hour of what turned out to be a fantastic DJ set. We left when Kenny Dope Started, he is just a boring DJ in my opinion.


Started the evening at Melkweg and the ADE Live Day 2. We went for Hercules & Love affair, but unfortunately they did not deliver as they did a couple of years back in stadthalle in Graz during Springfestival. Nathan Fake however, was the surprise of the evening. I must admit I had not heard more tunes than “The sky was pink”, which I absolutely love. I would not listen to his stuff privately, but I must say it does hold its own in a live performance. I can strongly recommend heading down to your local concert hall for an hour of Techy Ambient… …ish kind of thing with Mr Fake. But there is nothing fake about this guy.

Later the evening we headed up to Undercurrent and the ZeeZout x Dimensions ADE 2017 event. Nachtbraker, Baba Stiltz, Dimensions Soundsystem, Samo DJ, Courtesy and Mike Servito all were in the line up, but I was there to hear I-F, Call super as well as Hunee. I never heard Dimensions Soundsystem or Mike Servito. The Swedes, mixwise, were not bad at all, bud for sure did not impress otherwise. I did not like the sound of courtesy. Nachbraker was kind of cool. So what was good? Well, I-F really surprised, although I did not hear the ABBA tune that everybody was expecting him to put on. I really loved his mix of Techno, Acid house, 80th disco and other complimentary sounds. The Gold plated Mixer table, however, goes to Hunee and Call super (who did a back to back set), who killed all competition with their impressive mix of techno, House, Acid, Disco, Funk etc, something I nowadays call The Rush Mix. Drop a comment below if you want to know the reason for this. In all, it was a hot event in a cool location with crappy rules about toilets and stuff.


The Pål/Secam & Afronto present: Pan-Amafropeans ADE Special at OT301 had an interesting line-up, but the only requirement I had was De Los Miedos from Lisbon, Portugal, and I managed just that. After yesterdays tuff day I managed to show up with Afrobot still on for 30 minutes, after which De Los Miedos took over for 90 minutes. The I took in 30 minutes of ESA and 30 minutes of Fininho before I left for an early night, hoping of course that tomorrow will be a less tired version of myself. 🙂 I must say, De Los Miedos presented a very nice smorgasbord of latin music. So did Fininho I guess. The others did not really impress. In all a rather nice night out, read not too late, and I managed to find an Air conditioned place in the club that kept me cool in the midst of the heat.

P.S. Mind you, OT301 is a really relaxed club with really relaxed people. D.S.


Gary Numan kicked off the Saturday night with a great concert at a favourite venue, Paradiso. To be hones I have not really listened to this guys music much. In fact, had it not been for my friend Sandip, then I probably would not have gone. I recall Gary Numan being more of a synth act with “Are friends electric” and “Cars”, but those tunes, and in fact all of his stuff, have turned into synth rock. I cannot recommend his live show any stronger, worth every penny!

At Detroit Love ADE, again at Sugarfactory, artist like Carl Craig, Moodymann, Kenny Larkin, Kevin Saunderson, Stacey Pulled and Mirko Loko will showcase Detroit as a city of music. In the belief of this event going on until 7 a.m., after which the same party would proceed until 5 p.m. with a new set of visitors. This turned out to be a 17h Party. That of course meant Moodyman would not come on until late the afternoon, at 2 p.m. in fact. Mirko Loko kicked off the party with a decent Deep- and tech house set. Waajeed who followed would set the standard it turned out, his set was sick. Carl Craig then followed suit, the best set I have heard him play ever. Boarder lining in the land between techno and house. Simply great. At 6 a.m. We went to the hotel for a 6 h sleep. Some food followed before we went back to see Moodyman for an hour, just because we could 🙂 I have now heard him spin records twice, and it is always a great inspiration in terms tune selection. All in all a thrilling day, but since the story magically transitioned itself to Sunday…


Little worn out since the night before, and a flight home on Monday, we decided to make it an early evening. The acts that we got to see at Claire on the Brighter Days & Clair: ADE Sunday event were Hellie Berry, Midori Aoyama as well as KAMMA & Masalo. (I am sure Hunee, Vakula, Kuniyuki and Jamie 3:26 all delivered, bit we were not there to heard them). KAMMA & Masalo offered a great selection tracks, so did Hellie Berry. But I personally liked Midori Aoyamas set better of the three. Great selection and mixing of the tracks. すごリ!



Which was the better event?

Probably the concerts at Melkweg. It is a great nice and fresh location, very good organised. It is hell if it full with people, but still a cool place. ADE Live Day at Melkweg therefore takes this one home.

Which was the better club?

I guess Sandip and myself are in agreement here, Claire is the best club in this years addition of ADE; and amongst the clubs we have visited during the week. The reason, it has transformed from a black hole into a nicely designed night club, which was very pleasing. Sure the sound system is not as good as the one at the Sugar factory, that is not all. It was also a bit of a new experience at the event.

Which was the better DJ?

Hunee and Cool super made the best, most diverse and most interesting set during ADE for sure. Not the cleanest, which was probably delivered by Carl Craig, but definitely without a doubt the best.


There you have it. Those were the events at ADE this time around. Looking forward to next year already. Feel free to leave any comments, let us know what your experience was.

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