Tune of the week #14

If you like 70s disco, 90s house music or both of those, then this next tune is perfect for you. It is “Happy days” by Dazzle. Not too much information available on the tune, e.g. I am not able figure out what sample they have used. Also, I assume its was released in a rather limited run. Despite this the 12″ can be acquired rather cheaply at Discogs, hope you are still open to analogue medium.

Like most tunes I recommend in this Tune of the week series of posts, this tune will be easy to mix with the standard intro over a 4/4 beat. Some disco type of strings comes in relatively early. These will stick throughout the tune. A funky 90s kind of house music bass soon comes in, so does a repetitive vocal. Once all elements are in place it does not take long until this tunes hing point is reached, this happens at 2:15 into this Gem. This high point is a minute long funky baseline, vocals and some cool strings filtered creating a build up sort of thing. Kicks comes in for the complete energy transfer. As the ecstasy is passed at about 3:15, we are back to the reapeating elements in the beginning. It comes in and out and varies a bit, but it is just transportation into the next tune. I would say the first four minutes of the tune is superb. (will probably be making myself an edit of this one in short.)

I can only recommend that you take a listen below, after which you get your own copy at Discogs. 🙂 Since I made that recommendation, I should mention the B-side is a house cover/remix of an old master piece called “I don’t wanna be a freak” by Dusty. Expect some good stuff.


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