Tune of the week #9

The tune I am about to recommend is very very good. It gives me goose bumps for some reason. Now I suspect this tune is about drugs or so, but I cannot figure out the details completely. Maybe because I do not do drugs and do not know all the terms. Anyway, the tune is “Mr E” by Metroplane. It is a simple tune, like so many great tunes are. However, a good tune is a good tune.

This is a tune made for mixing, and a such it kicks off with a beat. The vocal slowly comes in, as does a very atmospheric pad. One minute in it is set, the round warm electronic ┬ábaseline comes in. The vocal and pad resets and fades in slowly again. As this is repeated again a cool nu disco style kind of melody synth comes in to set the cosy atmosphere completely. The break comes in just right to give a little “variation” to the tune. Even though the break and the last part of the song is basically repeating the same stuff again, without drums and with the complete set of instruments respectively, you never get bored of this tune. The end is a classic build down, again so that one can mix it nicely.

Apart from the linkes above you can also check out Defecteds webpage. But do not forget to check out the tune below.


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