Rane TWELVE controller

Rane TWELVE is a new turntable, but a digital one, a controller to use with your Serato DJ. So if you are a Digital DJ Software user who use vinyl time code, this controller will remove the need for a pick-up and controller vinyls. This is a pure midi-controller, so no audio output, that can be connected via USB to a mixer (e.g. Rane 72 as in the video) or directly to your computer.

I expect a sturdy Rane design and have heard it is a proper metal enclosure. I am not a Digital DJ in terms of using DJ software, but the TWELVE is really a great idea. It looks very interesting!

Have a look at the presentation below and let us know in the comments what you think! Find the specs and more on RANEs webpage








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  1. The TWELVE platform looks pretty nice!:) I am not a Serato guy but why not try it out?

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