Soulastic Sunday Interview with Javi Frias

Some weeks ago we got in contact with Javi Frias to hear his story, Javi Frias is a DJ and producer from Madrid and the man behind the funky mysterious Disco Pocho label and Night Shift Records

Welcome to , So tell us something about yourself when did you start DJ-ing & making music and what made you start DJing/ producing music?

Thanks for inviting me! I started collecting records at the end of the nineties. At that time I was really into soul and reggae music, but I didn’t have the idea of being a DJ. But you know, when you have some records at home you want to share them with everybody because you think they are amazing, so I started to play in small bars with friends just for having fun and dancing the music you love.

Then I discovered funk, disco and house, and my music passion went even higher. I was also a big fan of Norman Jay and Gilles Peterson, so I decide to start my own radio show and try to find more gigs here and there until one day you find you’re playing mostly every week, traveling outside of your city or your country and getting bigger gigs. About producing music, I started a few years back because I wanted to create my own edits to play at my gigs, but lately it looks like other people wanted to play also, so I started to release those edits in different labels until now that I have my own label called Night Shift Records, and still release some of my stuff in some other fellow labels.

You also are a drummer for the funk and soul band AI Supersonic and the Teenagers, does the music from AI Supersonic and the Teenagers influence you when you are DJing/producing?

Well, playing in a band and being a DJ/producer is quite different. Of course the inspiration is the same: the love for soul/funk/disco music. Anyway, surely I get some influences of my time with the band, I suppose being a drummer could help with the mixing and stuff, and play live for a lot of people is also great in therms of dealing with the crowd, I guess.

I like the two Disco Pocho EPs #01 and #02 , can you tell us little about Disco Pocho?

Disco Pocho is a small and mysterious label I have with a friend of mine here in Madrid. The idea is to release edits but more focused on the soul-funk side, not long edits of disco classics. So that’s why the first two release were on 7″. We’re really happy with the response of the people, it looks like everyone is feeling those edits, so I hope the label will be on top for a long time, maybe with more edits by myself, of other people’s edits. Let’s see…

You have produced music since 2015 (ex Al Supersonic And The Teenagers) , how would you describe your style ?

Until now I’ve been working mostly on disco edits, sometimes more soulful or funky like the Disco Pocho releases, or sometimes more clubby, house or classic style, like my releases on Night Shift, Giant Cuts, Street Edits or Bons Records. But anyway, I always try to have maximum respect to the original artist, and just add what I think the track needs to being used right now, in  clubbing scene nowadays.

You are also the man behind Night Shift Records. Whats the story behind the label and what are the future plans for the label?

After having released my edits on several labels, I decided to start my own imprint just to have the final decision and the control in everything about my music, and I think is the best decision I could make. I’m really happy with it, the records have been selling really well, and I had also the opportunity of releasing the material of other fellow producers like Chassé. About the future, there’s a new 12″ on the way by myself that hopefully will be out at the end of the year, and more music to come next year.

In your opinion what are the hardest and most challenging part of making

I think the hardest part is find the correct record to rework because there are tons of good records that don’t really need to be edited. It is hard to keep digging on rare tunes just to find the good one. And then of course you have to find the correct balance between the original material and your own touch, just to keep it real but new.

Who / what are our inspirations as a DJ and as an producer?

There are a lot of people that really inspired me as a DJ and producer: Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Tee Scott, Walter Gibbons, Norman Jay, Gilles Peterson, Danny Krivit, Louie Vega, Theo Parrish, Ron Trent, Joey Negro, Rahaan, Al Kent….

What gear do you use when DJing / Producing music?

For my DJ sets I use vinyl and digital, so two turntables and two CDJ. For producing music I use Ableton Live and of course a lot of records to sample.

Do you have any plans for DJing outside Spain?

During this year I’ve been playing a lot around Spain and also went to Ireland to DJ in Galway, but of course I’m always happy to go outside to play my music, so if you want to book me just contact my agent 😉

I saw that you will play with Joey Negro on 9th November at Marula Cafe , are you excited about the night?
Sure, it will be the third time I’ll be playing with him and is always a truly pleasure as he is one of the greatest artists ever in therms of disco and electronic music. In the last year I had the opportunity of play with him, Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, Detroit Swindle, Soul Clap, Eli Escobar, Kon, Faze Action, Dicky Trisco… and is always and amazing experience.

What EP would you recommend to the readers right now?

I really like the new EP by Phenomenal Handclap Band remixed by Ray Mang on Toy Tonics and also the new single by Jkriv feat. Adeline called Vertigo on Z Records. Amazing stuff!

So,what are your plans for the future?

Keep playing at my weekly disco club called Discotizer, every friday at Marula Cafe Madrid and working on some new music to release on my label.
Thank you for sharing your time with us at
Thanks to you my friend!