Tune of the week #47

Ok, back after some much needed time off. As you know, this blog is purely a private experiment of myself and a very good friend of mine. So ones in a while, there will be glitches in the number of posts. Basically I have had a couple of weekends out of the country, with no computer. Now though, it’s time to get this carousel spinning again.

This week I recommend to you “Metropolis”, which is an old-school and Chicago house style house tune made by… a Swede. This is for sure one of Kornél Kovác best tunes. It samples the absolutely outstanding musical genius Paris Hilton, and her best seller “Stars are blind”. 😛   … Kornél has made the tune interesting, which you cannot say about the original sampled tune. Listen below.

Kornel runs, as you might know, the Stockholm based label Studio Barnhus, together with his co-pilots Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. “Metropolis” is on the Metropolis EP, that is released on the UK-based label Unknown to the Unknown. Find your copy at the usual digital storeds.