Sexy Friday #6

So I have not done any “Tune of the Week” or “Sexy Friday” for a month now. In other words, it is about time I get back into old habits…

This time around it is going to be more commercial a tune (at least when it comes to the artist). It is a tune by Prince called “We can fuck”, a 10 minute 17 seconds marvel, probably Princes best tune. (It is OK if we have different opinions here).

This series of posts is called “Sexy Friday” initially because the labels of the records/tunes were sexy in nature. However It can also be about the tune per se, and “We can fuck” is “sexy” in every sense of the word. It is all about getting it on, just google for the lyrics if you don’t have the record. Otherwise listen to the tune below.

Get your hands on a copy of the album at e.g. Discogs. If you are into digital, then I can recommend heading over to HighResAudio.


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