Ortofon Concord MKII

So Ortofon have upgraded their famous all powerful Concorde pickup. It has been around for very long. I have used a Concorde since I first started DJing. There are  5 cartridges in the series, one pickup for different needs: MIX, DJ, CLUB, SCRATCH and DIGITAL they are called, and they have been designed for five different applications, with improvements over the MK Is. Improvements like:

  • They now feature a replaceable reinforced finger lift, which is easily replaced if broken.
  • Greater stability during performances achieved by a broader body design.
  • A cut-out are in the front of the styli allows for a more accurate needle drop.
  • All pickups have had a make over for a more aesthetic look.

From the Ortofon webpage we can read

The Concorde MIX offers a budget-friendly, yet high quality option capable of good all-round performance, while the Concorde DJ is considered the jack-of-all-trades, boasting accurate sound reproduction and excellent groove handling. The Concorde CLUB features a special Elliptical diamond and offers the best sound quality achievable for traditional vinyl playback and offers an outstanding platform for archival and sampling. The Concorde SCRATCH allows turntablist and scratching DJs to achieve new levels of performance with an unprecedented tracking ability and extra high output, and the specially-optimized Concorde DIGITAL offers both of these features with a technology designed to extend the life of timecode vinyl and minimize errors in decoding.


See the specifications below or head over to Ortofons webpage.


















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