Norbergfestival 27-29 July, Sweden

If you are interested in experimental electronic music and visual art i strongly recommend you to visit Norbergfestival in Norberg ,Sweden that is taking place between 27-29 july.

I have been visiting that festival from now and then and one of the stage area which is in a old industrial smelting building called “Mimerlaven” still mesmerizes me.

I still have not found a more awesome industrial building to have concert in than Mimerlaven.

At Norbergfestival focus is pretty much towards techno/minimal-techno but you will find a lot of other goodies there to.

The amount of people who visit the festival stands around 1200 so it is a small festival  but you always meet interesting people who are into electronic visual art and music.

Inside Mimerlaven

A sample of artists that will perform will be:

Zora Jones (AT)

Taehi Kim (KO)

Nick Klein (US)

You can find the rest of the program here :


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