Unmuted Mixtape #14 โ€“ Brighter days: Kamma & Masalo 08.01.2021

Good Friday evening on you all,

The Way out West festival is drawing near, and I want to celebrate one of the highlights of the program. The DJ duo Kamma & Masala will be cooking up a lovely meal for the visitors to digest. They are in the top segment to represent what I call an “Amsterdam style mix”, or “Rush Hour style mix” (after the fabulous record store in central Amsterdam that we all love). Antal, one of the founders of Rush House, Hunee and Call super are other examples of delivering Amsterdam style mixes.

They have all been inspiring to then way I DJ myself these days.

The set this time is actually from a radion show called Brighter days, hosted by Kamma and Masalo. Turn it up loud and get inspired.

See you at Way out west…