Pioneer DJ Toraiz Squid

It is not news that Pioneer DJ is giving Production tools (instruments and such) a go. The sampler Toraiz SP16 and the monophonic analogue synthesizer Toraiz AS-1 have been out for a while now, and they are just great, both of them. Ease of use and how they integrate with DJ gear and other equipment is one of the benefits. I would say that Pioneer DJ is the DJs Equivalent of Apple.

A week or two ago Pioneer DJ announced the Toraiz Squid, “The hearbeat of your setup“. It’s a multitrack sequencer, and this is how Pioneer DJ describes their new product:

Unlock limitless creativity with the SQUID™ multitrack sequencer. Part of our TORAIZ™ series of musical instruments and production equipment, this inspiration tool will be the heartbeat of your studio and live setups. The SQUID will control your workflow and give you the chance to develop new styles of music as you create unique sequence patterns and phrases at the touch of a button. Connect, sync and simultaneously control up to 16 instruments via its multiple input/outputs. The terminals are compatible with various equipment, from your DAW and hardware instruments to modular synths, vintage synthesizers and drum machines.

Perfect for on-the-fly music production, the layout and controls are effortless to navigate so your ideas will come to life the moment inspiration strikes. This production tool enables you to randomize sounds, sequences, and drums – all in key. Access endless polyrhythmic-looping options and instantly change the playback direction and speeds. With the world-first* Groove Bend feature, you’ll really feel the groove as you generate original rhythms in real time. And by controlling everything in one place, you can focus on developing phrases.

I believe Pioneer DJ will live up to expectations and that they have a really nice and innovative sequencer here. Looking forward to try it out.


Read all the details at Pioneer DJ webpage, and see the official Walkthrough below.