Unmuted Mixtape #7 – Hindustani Nippon

So, this is my first mixtape under my moniker “Hindustani Nippon” that i have been working on for months (for gods sake! lets say ages instead?) .
It is not an easy task to learn DJing and to learn beat matching ,phrasing ,let alone figuring out all the knobs and buttons on your mixer and CDJs!

Big thanks to Gert Johnsen (G4000) for teaching out all DJing theories and techniques with endless nights and days with potato chips , candies, energy drinks, tea , gyozas!

Enjoy listening to this mixtape , im sure you will find oops-moments in the set but i cheer to that this time:)


1.Al-Tone – Feeling Irie

2.Lego Edit – Africana Girl

3.Balako – Jungle Music

4.Folamour – Ivoire

5. Gigi Testa – Chango Chant

6.Mac Gregor – Nan Ye Li Kan (Alkalino Edit)

7. Blair French (incl. Eli Soul Clap, Aroop Roy, & Topher Horn) – Standing Still Is An Illusion (Topher Horn Remix)

8. AB/DC, Cody Currie – This Feelin’ (Cody Currie Remix)

9. Javi Frias – The Big C (Original Mix)

10. Swag – Musicbox (Al Kent Remix)

11. Time (Laura Stavinoha & belabouche edit)[ORE059]

12. Irakere – Añung Añunga (Superprince Edit)

13. Tom Noble Edits – Disco Massamba