Book tip : At The Record Shop , Most Recommended Shops in Japan

Two-three years ago i did order Mr K Edits Compilation from Discs Japan because that particular release is only avaible for the Japanese market.

Discs Japan was kind to send me two copies of a red book with the title “At The Record Shop , Most Recommended Shops”.

This beautiful 40 paged red book of a encyclopedia contains maps, addresses and links to websites of record shops in major cities in Japan .

It seems  that the book is a fall out from the Record Store Day and i would see similar books like this for every nation in the world!

The book is written in Japanese, however it should not be any problem to figure out the location of the record store even if there is a language barrier .

So are you intrested in a copy ? I know i would be, sadly i have two copies of the book, one of them goes to Gert Johnsen and due to copyright rules we are probably not allowed to do re-prints and distribute it.

If you intend to visit Japan, do sneak in to DiscUnion in Tokyo and ask them if they have a copy of this book .

I have scanned some pages just to give you a hint of the contents of the book.