Recommendations where to buy music!

So, I realize the majority of people nowadays do not buy music. Well, at least not in the way I think of it. Also, they do not own their music, I mean a physical (bought digital file, CD, Vinyl etc) copy of it. Streaming services has taken over the world. 🙁 Well, personally I prefer to buy my music and oftentimes I get the question where I buy my vinyls for example. So, following is a list of stores where I prefer to shop. They are online stores and physical stores that I use while travelling (god knows I love Tokyo and Amsterdam from that point of view). While some of the stores also have online stores, they might not be practical for that purpose for different reasons, reasons I will not go into. Here goes…

Online stores:

Physical stores:

Apart from the mentioned store above, and I recommend all of them. Many record labels and artists now also have online stores themselves, so it might be worth searching the net to see if your favourite label has one.

Another option to acquire your music is by means of promotion or blogs (or blog-like pages). For promotion you will have to register with different record labels of your liking. If you are lucky you will be sent promotion material to download. Regarding blogs, again, I cannot help you. So basically, for promotion and blogs you have to take the time and google by yourself. But I can suggest a blog-like site where you will be able to find music enough to last an eternity, this is Soundcloud. For the artist I think it has turned into an idiotic place to be at, but it is a good source of finding interesting music.

ohh, I almost forgot to mention Discogs – Database and Marketplace. A perfect place for finding information about artists or releases, but also for tracking down old records that you are missing in your collection, or rather any record. Individuals and businesses alike are selling records here. I mentioned old used records, but you can find new stuff here too, and I find myself ordering a lot of off Discogs at the moment.

That is it, hope it was helpful. Comments below if you have any.


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