Tune of the week #17

Kyle Hall, this interesting musician from Detroit, the city of artists like Andres, Moodyman and Anthony “Shake” Shakir, delivered an album named “From joy” back in 2015. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, then I would say you are deaf if you have not heard “Strut garden”. This deep house killer bee on speed is no where near cooling down, because this, to me, is what Detroit house music is all about.

Strut garden is quite simply a deep house kind of 4/4 beat, claps slightly of beat… maybe. Mixable tune for sure with its intro. When the “actual tune” takes off, it is all about a nice deep and funky baseline with a pad supporting it. Some disco-ish monophonic synth thing coming in and out, so does a simple vocals  and different kind of synths expressing basically the same things. Anyway. The drive of the tune is great and it runs for about 7 mins.

Pick up a copy at Discogs (as linked above), listen below… and don’t forget to comment.






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