A completely new company to me that I just happened to come across is Mixars. A subsidiary of the RCF Group that design and manufacture professional audio equipment of miscellaneous sorts. They have some interesting DJ-equipment that might be a good option to the more expensive club standards from Pioneer DJ or, recently, from Denon DJ stuff.

From their about page:

MIXARS as part of the RCF Group, leads the field of design and manufacture of professional and commercial audio products and systems. Operating as an independent subsidiary, the new MIXARS brand will focus on developing a premium range of DJ and Studio Recording technology. Pushing the boundaries of design, materials, and production processes, MIXARS will create high end products to fulfil the needs of demanding DJs, as well as developing challenging and unique products for the rapidly evolving DJ scene.

As an independent subsidiary branch of worldwide famous RCF Group the new line MIXARS will focus on developing a top-quality Dj gear with new materials, design andcreate unique products as per our Group tradition.

Curious? Check em’ out yourself here!

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