To which school belongs DJing

I realize the title of this post is a little strange, but it is related to the way we DJ nowadays.

So, has digitalisation made listening to DJs boring?

Possibly. Digitalization allows us to play around more, re-arrange, loop, stutter, etc. It allows us to beat match without even knowing how to beat match (anybody with money enough to buy a computer will be able to beat mach in no time because of technology). It also makes everything too perfect, no mistakes, everything is synced. The boring part is that we have all these possibilities, but so few of us are actually utilising the tools the way they can be.

In the old days when DJs played turntables or CDs, then we had to work the mixes (nudging, beat juggling etc), which also made the mixes more dynamic and interesting. Mistakes could be heard every now and then, but it was OK. Ellaskins, aka the DJ Tutor, talks about this in the video below.

Briansredds decided to respond, so check out his video too…

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