Gary Numan live at Paradiso ADE 2017-10-21

Today, me and Gert went to the Gary Numan live concert at Paradiso during ADE. This live performance is a part of Gary Numan Savage tour from his new album Savage (Songs from a Broken World).

We were really impressed by Gary Numans live performance and the stage video art that was in the background.

It has been some years since i saw him last time  (2006?)

Also his daughter Persia, did a guest appearance on stage when they performed “My name is Ruin”

Pictures from Gary Numan Live @ Paradiso , taken by Lotte Schrander Fotografie


Complete setlist from the concert:

Ghost Nation


Everything Comes Down to This

Remind Me to Smile

The End of Things


Down in the Park

Pray for the Pain You Serve

Here in the Black


Love Hurt Bleed

My Name is Ruin (with Persia Numan)


When the World Comes Apart

A Prayer for the Unborn

We Are Glass

Are Friends Electric?

Tough, ADE is mostly focused on electronic dance music it is a good thing that ADE finally book artists that are the early pioneers of electronic music.

I am looking forward to see more EBM/Syntpop at ADE in the future! 🙂


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