Rane MP2014

Rane first introduced the MP2016 (inc the XP 2016) rotary mixer in 1999. 16 years later, and after a bunch of different versions, it was discontinued in 2015.  The MP2015 became the replacer. It would represent the “next revival of evolution” with its great feel, superb reliability and excellent durability. The mixer is simply put superb, except on two point. However, this post is not about any of those mixers, but rather the MP2014.

The Mp2014 is the 2 channel little brother of the MP2015. It features the same strikingly beautiful look with its laser-etched Rane-logo side panels, classic spun-aluminium knob caps, 16-segment level peak-hold meters and back-lit push switches. This is how Rane puts it on their webpage where you can read all about the mixer. I have felt it and seen it in real life, but I have never manoeuvred it, which I quite look forward to. But I do agree with Ranes description, it it a beauty.

With features like exceptional sounding phono preamps, three-way swept-filters and a three-band, steep 24dB/octave main mix Isolator (with adjustable crossover points), the MP2014 has all you really need for making your records sound amazing and for you to create an interesting set. The mixer provides the same quality, aesthetics, and high-resolution audio as the MP2015 in an elegant and portable design.


  • 2-deck mixing, with additional USB aux / session input.
  • 2 aux line inputs, with 1 on each channel.
  • 3 stereo playback and 7 stereo record channels on each USB port.
  • Mic input has FX loop assign switch.

I believe the mixer was released in 2016, so it has been out for a while. However, I am not going to describe it in more detail as their webpage does that just fine anyway. So head on over there for all the juicy details, or check the video out below and be amazed.


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