Subkult Festival – Sweden

Steve Naghavi from the German EBM/Synthpop group And One performing at Subkult Festival on 6th July,2023 (Photo by Sandip Savasadia)

So i visited Subkult Festival that was held between 6th July and 8th July in Vanersborg ,western part of Sweden.

Now, this is not the kind of electronic music i usally listen to but now and then a bit of a heavy dose of Electronic Body Music never hurts specially if you are riding on that Italodisco-wave.

Subkult Festival is held every year and it is a very small but very friendly music festival and if you happen to be close by someday i strongly do recommend to visit it.

A list of the band that was headlining this year:

And One
Assemblage 23
The Mobile Homes