#Soulastic Sunday 28

Vacation is over! This year has been the most surrealistic vacation year. Who knew one year ago that we will not be able to fly anywhere this year?

I will fire off a new Soulastic Sunday post now that vacation is over.

I must say that Razor n Tape releases the wildest stuff for us who loves edits and this week we have something from Dino Soccio.

Dino Soccio is a DJ/Producer from Los Angeles and has been producing since 2014. He released his first “Only Love” EP trough Razor n Tape as digital release back in 2014.

Dino Soccio is now out with a new EP named Dino Soccio Edits that is released on Razor N Tape.

The EP contains 3 tracks and I love the bass line that appears at 2:57 in this track called Star Beaming .

Dino Soccio Edits EP can be bought at Deejay.de