A taste of Japan #2 – Shinichiro Yokota

If you are into classic sounding deep house, then Shinichiro Yokota might be for you. He first appeared in the beginning of 1991 and 1992 only to fly off the radar for a little over 20 years. Appearing again in 2014 with a couple of E.P.s and Singles. Recently (read late 2019), the record label Sound of Vast released “Ultimate Tokota 1991 – 2019”, a compilation of Shinichiros best of the best during the years. It features tunes like “Night drive” and “Time travelling”. Listen to them below.

If you were lucky enough being in Tokyo early December 2019, before this whole Covid 19 thing officially appeared, maybe you caught him play live during the Rush Hour night at the iconic Contact in Shibuya. He performed along side of acts like Hunee, Antal (Cofounder of Rush Hour Record Label), Sassy J, Ryosuke, Fukunaka, etc. It was an Epic evening for sure.

Finally, the tune that I like the best of his is “Timeless”. It’s a blend of 90s style house and the modern style House, that started appearing et the end of the 90s, early 2000s.

Your best bet to get a hold of this guys albums is probably at Discogs. Although “Ultimate Yokota” is still available at Juno (Released April 3rd, 2020). If you are in Tokyo, your best bet is Technique in Shibuya. If you are in Amsterdam, head over to Rush Hour Records on Spuistraat.