Soulastic Sunday Interview with Wurzelholz

Few weeks ago i did promise we where going to publish an interview with Wurzelholz (real name Alexander Riedel).

We finally got the interview done so here we go! Enjoy!:)


So tell us something about yourself when did you start DJ-ing & making music and what made you start DJing/producing music?

I think I started making electronic music 6 or 7 years ago. In the beginning because I was curios how all this synthesizer, sequencer, looping and recording stuff is working and also because you can realize your musical ideas relatively fast and easy with it

What is the story behind your moniker “Wurzelholz”?

Ah, I read the name as a username online and liked it 🙂

You are out with a great new EP named Bataan Mestizo, The track “Kyoto” is a tune that is different on this EP,can you tell us something about it?

Actually I stumbled upon that track “So” by Hareton Salvanini and really thought it would be a great sample. Also I’m always keen on also doing some more calm and to-listen-at-home tracks on an EP.


How did you come in contact with Sundries label and Feedasoul Records?

We got in contact via Soundcloud or Facebook, liked what each other was doing and decided to do something together

You released 5 EPs until now , how would you describe your style?

Groove-based, housey, somewhat deep

In your opinion what are the hardest and most challenging part of making music?

Keep being focused on a track from start to finish. An important point is to finish some things and not having hundreds of half-finished projects on you computer

Who / what are your inspirations as a DJ and as an producer?

It’s inspirational to me everytime I hear a track and something is done differently, even if it’s just small things like using a clap or hi-hat in an unusual way or having some experimental sounds in it that yet fit well in the overall concept of the track.

What gear do you use when DJing / Producing music?

When producing i’m working with Propellerheads Reason, MIDI-Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synths and sampling.

What EP would you recommend to the readers right now?

Sour Edits vol. 4 

So,what are your plans for the future? Any gigs in Europe?

Yesss, I’m visiting Igor Gonya, head of Sundries Lisztomania, in late october to play in St. Petersburg,Russia.