A taste of Japan #1 – Rondenion

For those of you who have not read my posts “Westerners guide to Japanese electronic music artists – Part 1” and “Westerners guide to Japanese electronic music artists – Part 2“, check them out following the links. The “A taste of Japan” series will build on those two original posts and highlight newly found (although not necessarily fresh artists) artists that have interesting sounds worth mentioning. The Japanese electronic music scene is so vibrant and interesting that it would be stupid to ignore. Without further ado.

A couple of year ago my good friend Sandip and I went to Japan. It was Sandip’s first time there, and as I had been in Japan earlier I ended up being the guide. Clubs were visited (Womb as well as Contact, both in Shibuya) and a fair number of Vinyls were purchased. Among those vinyls was a 4 track EP named Montage EP by an artist called Rondenion, on which “Herb” and “Convulsions” can be found. I did not know at the time that the artist is Japanese, but he is, and his name is Goto Hirofumi (後藤宏文). His sound, well let’s just say he makes good House music, with a foot in techno and a hand in nu Disco.

Be sure to check out Rondenions stuff in your preferred music store (online or offline). You will find a few of my favourites below.

This post was the first in what I think of as a series of posts. So, as I hear a new interesting Japanese artist that I think is worth a mentioning, you can expect another post as soon as I get the possibility. Be sure to check in every now and then.

Have a good one!