Tune of the Week #64

Klubbhuset (translates to “The club house”), a Swedish duo consisting of Artur Brändström and Egil Kahlbom, released the album Marathons in 2016. The album was released on the label Let’s Play House. The album is literally dripping with funk as it would sound if it was produced in Chicago, so I was a little surprised when I heard the label is based in Brooklyn, New York. 😛

In any case, the album is worth an investment! You can get it at e.g. Bandcamp.

However, this is Tune of the Week, so I wanna recommend the tune “Condesa” from that very album. It’s Funky Chicago House when at its best. Klubbhuset have sampled “Miracles” by Change, and made a Chicago thing out of a quality disco tune. Please enjoy below.

I believe the vinyls are all out, but you can get a digital copy at Bandcamp or other suitable platforms.