Pioneer DJ DJM-750 gets a well deserved update

Pioneer has chosen the DJM-750 to update next (grrr, I am eagerly awaiting the DJM2000NXS to be updated). This MK 2 has now been given the same updated design language, look and features the DJM-900 NX2 and the DJM-250 MK2 have. I very much like the 3 band filter on the FX unit and that the send/return feature now is separate from the build in FX-unit. The design has now also been adapted to follow the all so familiar Pioneer DJ Mixer design and layout, which is always good. I have not tried it out yet, but I am sure it will all be good should I ever come across one in a gig. No surprises, and yet very welcome updates. Just like I want it.

Check out the official introduction in the video below.


Head on over to Pioneer DJs webpage for more details. 

3 thoughts on “Pioneer DJ DJM-750 gets a well deserved update

  1. Well months has passed by , i did check Pioneer DJ site and they have moved the DJM-850 to the archives.

  2. You are right, those are all valid questions.
    It seems to me Pioneer DJ are making a general update to their products, so I can only assume we shall see shortly what happens to DJM-850.

  3. Nice review!
    The update on 750 is pretty nice i would say. You get a lot for 1300 euro. Only issue is there is no digital out but if you can live without the digital out then 750MK2 is the way to go.

    If you want digital-out the logical (?) step would be the DJM-850 but then it was released in 2012 and goes around 1500 euro.

    Question is what the future is for the DJM-850? and where does it fit in the range? will it get any updates like “850MK2” etc?

    Now the DJM-850 is a mixer in the middle of DJM-750mk2 and DJM900NXS2

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