Brazilian Sunday #6

Sorry for the absence from my side, i have been working on a new mixtape and other projects as usuall but i am back and this time we will start with a new set of Brazilian Sunday! gosh!  Almost one year has passed  since we had a Brazilian Sunday post!

So today we will kick of with a EP from Ajvar Soundsystem named Oriental Ananas which contains an awesome track that sounds like tropical samba on steroids !

The history of Ajvar Soundsystem goes back to 2005 when Boris Lukic (aka Toni Bassi) Emir Krkic (aka Emir Fönk) and Helena Bjorck decided to start a radio show called Ajvar radio.

Ajvar Soundsystem – Oriental Ananas can be bought at

So bring your cocktail drink and tune in your ears to this ,Ajvar Soundssystem – Ananas :