With Me As Your Guide, CNN on the DJ scene in Seoul

I really love CNN when it comes to their travel shows!

“CNN?? why?” you may say.

CNN has a show called “With Me As Your Guide” that usually runs on weekends and the idea behind that show is to give you some glimpse on cluture , art, music, leisure from cities around the world with various hosts.

So this weekend the host was the fashion designer Siki Im and the city that was presented by him is Seoul,South Korea

In the show, he visits Hyundai Card Music library which is a huge library with nice modern architecture with a vinyl stack of more than 10000 vinyls and 3000 publications with various genres.

You will also get a taste of the thriving DJ scene and to see Min June Park aka DJ Soulscape who is a DJ, producer and owner of rm360 record store

You can see the show here