Soulastic Sunday #16

When i first heard this tune back in October i tought for myself “This cool track came right on time now when we are heading to a more colder climate!”

I am talking about Wurzelholz – Welcome To Brazil

I was unsure if this tune should go to Soulastic Sunday or one of my Synthwave posts and the reason for this doubtness is that this tune changes style around 2.00 minutes into the track from funkiness to more Italo styled tune and later come back to funkiness again.

Wurzelholz is from Jena in Germany and his real name is Alexander Riedel and he released his brand new EP “Welcome to Brazil” on Sundries label in October.

Sundries is a vinyl and digital format label based in Elista, Russia and the man behind that label is Igor Gonya.

“Welcome to Brazil”-EP contains two tracks and my favorite is of course Welcome To Brazil.

Wurzelholz really makes nice mixture of his tunes where he  crosses the borders between house, brazilian and italo funkiness.

You can catch the EP on digital format right here